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RADIOBANK™ Heavy Duty 5-in-1 Emergency Radio Powerbank


Keep Your Family Safe When Emergency Strikes!

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This is a must have for every household emergency preparation kit!

  • Emergency Radio. Keep your household prepared with this AM/FM &radio, broadcast emergency weather alerts for your area such as storms, and typhoons.
  • Table Lamp & LED Flashlight. It can be used in emergency and survival situations to light up dark spaces and areas or to keep your room nice and bright after a storm cuts off your power.
  • Multiple Ways to Charge. Hand crank, solar charging, Micro USB cable and 3 AAA batteries(not included). It can be charge USB port devices such as smart phones, to keep you connected and powered.
  • Long Lasting Charge. 2000mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of light or 4-6 hours of radio time.
  • SOS Alarm With Flashing Red Light. Ask for help in case you have an emergency or you want to warn somebody.


  • Rotate the rocker clockwise or counterclockwise and keep rotating at a constant speed of 130 RPM for 1 minute. It can be used for lighting up to 20 minutes and the radio for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Please turn off the USB output device when you are using radio to receive the AM band, or it may have noise interface for radio.
  • For the first time or the machine is not used for more than 60 days. Put the radio under the strong solar light (sun > 86000LUX) for 30 minutes, charging the internal battery and regenerating the battery.
  • Do not have the device attached to the radio while charging with a crank.
  • The power bank charging feature is intended to only charger USB devices for emergency use, not a normal power bank.
  • When you use the battery to power the radio, push the BATTERY SWITCH to AAA position.


Item Size: 15.6*4.6*7.6cm/6.1*1.8*3.0" (L*W*H)
Net Weight: 321.9g /11.35oz

Frequency Range: AM: 520-1710KHz, FM: 87-108MHz, NOAA: 162.400-162.550MHz
Flashlight LED: 1*0.75W(white light)
Water Resistance: IPX3
Power Consumption: 2W(Max)
Power Source: 2000mAh/3.7V Li-ion

Working Time: Flashlight: > 15 hours; Radio: > 10 hours

Charging Time
DC 5V: About 4.5 hours
Hand Crank: 1 minute (>130rmp) to produce 20 minutes of continuous lighting or 10-15 minutes of continuous radio usage (medium volume)

Package Includes

(1) Hand Crank Radio 
(1) Charging Cable 
(1) User manual 
(1) Color Box