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WISHCRAFTS Adjustable Ergonomic Wooden Book Stand


STARTING TODAY, YOU ARE SOMEBODY.We know you’re on the way to success. Now, let us help you get there with the least amount of effort. Hold this book stand for me for a minute. You feel that? It’s light, rugged, and fits in your bag. That’s exactly what you need. 

  • HANDS-FREE-Look mom, no hands! Stressed out? We have you covered. Put your book, notebook or whatever it is you're reading on the foldable ledge.Take a sip of your coffee. Let your eyes do the work.
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLES- My neck, my back...Productivity and success doesn’t have to hurt.  The five adjustable angles give you the perfect view.This prevents neck, back and eye strains.
  • FIRM PAGE HOLDERS- GO! GO! GO! We want you to keep your momentum going.You don’t have to worry about pages flying off. The page holders keep your books firmly in place. You feel like moving seats? Simply fold the ledge flat, and adjust the angle. 

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Material: Palochina Wood

Dimensions: 29 x 25 cm

How to use

  • To assemble,adjust the angle as needed.Then, put down the foldable ledge, and adjust the page holder accordingly.
  • To disassemble, simply place back the adjustable angle to its original position. Fold the page holder and then the ledge.

Our Guarantee

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