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AKATSU Handheld Steamer

AKATSU Handheld Steamer

Don’t get chased by the flat iron.We know you’re busier than ever. But part of being a professional is looking the part. We have you covered. No more wrinkled clothes during a meeting. Buy one now!

  • Powerful steam output - With a 1500 Watt of power, in just 15 seconds the cyclotron heating method is ready for use; and in 2 minutes high temperature and high pressure steam is produced continuously, suited for your ASAP ironing needs.
  • One-button start- Ironing your clothes doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply press the steam button, and loosen every 2 minutes. Still too much for you? No worries, the switch also has an automatic gear for continuous spray.
  • Portable- The lightweight and compact design makes this steamer easy to carry around. It can definitely fit in your work backpack.
  • Large water tank- We make sure we don’t compromise effectiveness with its portability. We optimized every part with its detailed design from the curved body to the seven-hole steam output, and aluminum heating furnace for rapid heating. Our steamer has a whooping 170 ml large tank in such a small body.  It can iron 4-5 clothes at a time!
  • Multi-usage- You can also use it for sterilizing household items such as curtains and sheets. High- temperature and strong steam can quickly kill harmful bacteria. Just between you, and me, you can even reuse a top that you have not sweated in- because this also removes odor! De-wrinkle your clothes, and smell fantastic, too! 

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  • Color: pink
  • Material: ABS, PC, electric heating module
  • Product weight: 800 g
  • Water tank capacity: 170 ml
  • Power length: 1.8 meters, copper power cord
  • Voltage: 110V-240V (US plug/ EU plug)
  • Heating mode: electric heating type

      What’s in the box

  • (1) Handheld iron steamer
  • (1) long hair brush head
  • (1) manual

Usage method:

  1. Connect the power supply, when the power indicator flickers, let the body heat up until the indicator lights are out. When the indicator lights are out, you can use the steamer already.
  2. While using the steamer, press and loosen the button every 2 seconds.
  3. The switch also contains an automatic gear for continuous spray.

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